Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Pop of Color...

Adding of POP of color to any outfit will enhance your look.  I love pairing neutral tones with a bright bold color.  Have fun and be a kid again- go a little wild and be a little bit daring!  Wear those bright Crayola red shoes with your LBD for dinner! You only live once!

Kim K. is wearing a neutral toned ensemble but adds a kick of color with her bright yellow Hermes bag.  Her simplistic look is quickly transformed into more edgy and stylish.

I suggest do a bold bag or shoe- not both! It may look too tacky (i.e. Bethenny Frankel).

Instead of a bright and bold accessory or shoe go for a bold colored piece- like this amazing jackets!

 If you don't want to spend your big$$ (or even any $$) on a bright wardrobe piece because you don't believe you wear them years down the road-- I suggest going with an edgy piece of jewelry or bold scarf instead. Don't be afraid of bright, bold, and daring accessories!  I have a bunch of feather head bands, and some with gorgeous beading I purchased at Express and I always receive compliments on them.  It's so easy to jazz up and plain white tee with one statement piece.

You don't need to be a millionaire to get these looks...
I love H&M's new 2011 Fall collection.  

Homework- wear a pop of color this week! (It can be anything you want... even that bright shade of lipstick you bought on sale and haven't worn yet) 




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