Sunday, November 27, 2011

24 Beauty Secrets from Hollywood Insiders (they didn't want you to know!)

What do Hollywood beauty insiders (and their celebrity clients) know that we don't? After this article, not much. 

1. Get featured
"Every woman has one thing that she needs to 'fix' on her face and one thing that's really great about it. If you're not sure what they are, ask your best friend." -- Stila Cosmetics founder Jeanine Lobell

2. Brighten eyes

"Smudge a bit of deep navy eyeliner on the inner rims of the upper lids when you're done with the rest of your eye makeup. Gently lifting lashes with your fingers or glancing down into a handheld mirror will help you see where the eyeliner is going. The blue color makes the whites of your eyes stand out." -- Makeup artist Carmindy

3. Fix blemishes
"Mix together one packet of dry yeast with the juice of half a lemon and spread over a blemish for five minutes. This works wonderfully to dry it out." -- Esthetician Sonya Dakar

4. Work your brows

"Use ash-tone powders to fill in brows for natural-looking definition. The eyebrows provide a frame for the face, so it's important to keep them well groomed." -- Makeup artist Jillian Dempsey

5. Tame flyaways
"Carry dryer sheets; if frizzies threaten to ruin your look, run a sheet over your hair to subdue flyaway strands. When you need to take a model's photo fast, this trick really does work." -- Hairstylist Clyde Haygood

6. Master nude lips
"Line your lips with a neutral liner. Then fill in both lips -- except for the centers -- so that you can have the look of major shine when you apply a clear lip gloss." -- Makeup artist Mally Roncal

7. Pop your peepers
"Spotlight your eyes without being too obvious by blending a highlighter like Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Éclat into the inner corners. Don't use shimmer powder, which can look too girly." -- Makeup artist AJ Crimson

8. Lay a foundation

"Concealer should always follow foundation. If you put it on first and then you blend on the foundation, you're essentially erasing all your handiwork. If you layer concealer on top, it's staying where it needs to stay and doing its job." -- Carmindy

9. Later, tired eyes!
"To perk up eyes in record time, dab under the eye area with aloe vera gel for temporary firming." -- Sonya Dakar

10. Stroke differently

"Utilize two kinds of mascaras -- coat the top lashes with a volumizing one to create thickness and the bottom ones with a waterproof formula to put raccoon eyes to rest." -- Jillian Dempsey

11. Angle arches
"To give your brows color, shine and great hold, take a little bit of MAC Oh Baby lip gloss and comb it through the eyebrows. A word of warning: Make sure you're wearing your hair pulled back!" -- Mally Roncal

12. Pump your pout

"For subtly fuller lips, overdraw the cupid's bow with Make Up For Ever's double-tipped concealer pencil in a shade lighter than your skin tone, soften the line by smudging and then gloss lips." -- AJ Crimson

13. Heat up your hair
"To maximize the benefit of a rich conditioner, leave it in and stand in a steamy shower for 10 minutes once a week. It's great to let the steam break down the conditioner -- and it's beneficial for your skin as well." -- Hairstylist Kimberly Kimble

14. Skip the cake(y)
"A lot of my celebrity clients like to mix my omega oils with their body foundation for a sheer, non-cakey finish." -- Sonya Dakar

15. Lash out
"Those with hard-to-reach blond lash roots can use a very fine-tip black liquid liner to accomplish what a bulkier mascara wand cannot by painting color directly onto individual lashes. The smaller the tip and the handle, the better." -- Carmindy

16. Draw the line
"To make liquid liner less intimidating to use, create a liner 'stencil' by going over the lash line with taupe pencil first. Then apply liquid liner over that." -- Jillian Dempsey

17. Got silk?

"Silk scarves, rollers, bonnets and pillowcases used at night help my clients, like Gabrielle Union, maintain their glossy styles longer. Cotton dries hair out and undoes the hairstyle. Silk keeps the curl and shape of your hair intact." -- Kimberly Kimble

18. Live in color
"Bring attention to your eyes by using a contrasting shade of mascara. Wearing burgundy or navy instead of ordinary black or brown is a great way to accentuate your eye color." -- Jillian Dempsey

19. Soften up

"To keep skin soft and smooth, especially in winter, avoid hot water in the bath and shower, and apply Burt's Bees Baby Bee Apricot Baby Oil to damp skin before slathering on a rich body cream. This will keep skin on all parts of the body nourished and glowing." -- Sonya Dakar

20. Get smoky eyes fast
"I've done this trick to give Ashlee Simpson-Wentz a smoky eye in a pinch. Use a dark plum or deep green pencil all over the lid, inner rim and lower lash line and smudge it out with a cotton swab." -- Mally Roncal

21. Smooth your strands

"To care for end-of-summer hair, [clients like
Evangeline Lilly] coat theirs midway down to the ends with a deep conditioner first, followed with a bodifying shampoo on the roots only." -- Clyde Haygood

22. Stop smudges
"For a quick, clean way to avoid mascara smudges, hold a plastic spoon under the upper and lower lashes to shield the rest of your eye makeup. It fits right under your eye, and you just throw it in the trash when you're done." -- Carmindy

23. Get set
"Extend the life of your eyeliner by setting it with powder and going over it with a matching shade of shadow. It makes the eyeliner bulletproof." -- Mally Roncal

24. Save face

"Exfoliating is the most important thing you can do to make skin prettier. By cleansing your face every night with a fresh washcloth -- which is more sanitary than reusing a sponge -- and using enzyme-based masks on a regular basis, the outer layer of dead cells is eliminated, leaving the newest, softest skin." -- facialist Nerida Joy


  1. These are great tips! Have to try them ALL!!! :)

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