Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mixing Fabrics and Patterns! This Fall, there are no rules.

I love mixing a tougher fabric ( J. Crew dark washed boxy jean jacket) with a light silk draped top (a la my burnt orange draped cow-neck top c/o the great Michael Kors).

 Then, to add some sparkle (my favorite!), I chose a champagne (pinkish nude) knee-length skirt c/o GAP.  The skirt is a such a staple in my wardrobe because dresses up any simple outfit.  I can even wear all black and this skirt will make the whole look.  It's impossible to see in the picture, but the skirt has two connected pieces- one is a solid champagne pink silky underskirt, and on top is a mesh fabric with dispersed golden-pink sequins.  It's absolutely stunning! The photo doesn't do justice!  I always get compliments from people of ALL ages when I wear it too. 
The belt is a skinny brown snake-embossed leather which I used to pinch in my waist so I don't look too boxy and larger than I am.  It's always good to wear something that cinches the waist when wearing looser fabrics when you are petite (as I am) or pear shaped.  It's even good if you have a boyish figure (i.e. Cameron Diaz) because the belt can give the illusion of curves. Belt c/o Piperlime.  

 To keep with the "no rules" of fabrics and patterns I opted for a blue-gray patterned medium-thickness tight.  It's semi-sheer which works well for the Fall season (not warm- but not so cold where you need those super thick leggings).  Leggings c/o HUE (my favorite brand of tights/leggings. There are so many patterns and colors.  You can find this brand virtually everywhere.  Try T.J. Maxx! They are usually always there in bulk at 1/3 it's retail value!!)

 Of course you need something to hold your phone, I.D. card, $$ (and Chanel lipstick, M.A.C. lip gloss, Tart spot concealer, Oil blotting papers, Tide-to-go stick...).  I chose a snake-print embossed clutch (c/o Junior Drake) to make a statement and stand out on its own.  Wearing the skirt really is enough- but I like to go a few steps past "enough." 

Finally, to finish off the look I paired this outfit with two-toned bronze and black ballet flats (c/o Bloomingdales).  And voilà, a clash of fabrics and patterns that all compliment each other in unique ways.

Hope you enjoyed and are urged to try mixing pieces you normally wouldn't!  Trust me, it won't be the end of the world to not match perfectly all the time...

With love,


  1. Love it, love it, love it! Every single item is gorgeous! Great job putting everything together, chicka :)

    xoxo Olga

  2. I'm personally a big fan of buttersanddash blog. Thanks for sharing this post.