Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Leopard is one of the hottest trends for fall. Everyone from Hilary Duff to Rachel Bilson to Keri Hilson is wearing leopard print items on pretty much everything ... dresses, shoes, pants, bags, and beyond.

It's not the first time this trend has reared its head but this season leopard print is roaring its way back into vogue with a vengeance. Here are the celebs unleashing their wild side with a touch of animal magic...

I am loving MK Olsen with her colored leopard printed scarf! The trendy twin showcased her colourful Louis Vuitton stove that's since been on every fashionistas wish list (especially mine!!)

Kylie looks gorgeous (as usual!). The leopard print lover looked fabulous in her full floaty number. This season I am loving sheer flowing fabrics paired with a solid or structured accessory such as a purse or scarf--or both!

Nicky covered up in a leopard coat reminding us that the print is best paired with black.

The queen of style Kate Moss took cover in her bold leopard print jacket, confirming its return to the top of the cool chart.

Kim Kardashian in Leopard print dress when look for her wedding dress
Kim Kardashian showed her stunning beauty with bold leopard print dress. I love pairing leopard print with gold or mixed metals--the colors play off each other beautifully.

Kim Kardashian with leopard print dress suits on the Vera Wang Bridal Showroom
Paired with leopard trouser, Kim really leopardized her outfit. I don't know how more leopard you could get without being an actual leopard? Well, I praise her for wearing such a bold outfit- that is a true fashionista.

Leopard is a classic print that is always right on trend and looks fantastic on everyone. This season I am loving leopard print booties and pumps, a la Olivia Palermo and Rachel Bilson.

c/o Him&Her
Olivia Palermo has been photographed all over the place wearing her leopard print lace up booties. The girl wears them with everything and somehow they never seem to clash with an outfit. She pairs her booties with dresses, skirts and tights, and her signature leather pants. While her booties are a focal point of her outfit and they definitely grab your eye, Olivia still manages to make them seem as wearable as a nude pump. Amazing.

To achieve her look, keep your attire classic and stick to a few colors or just one print. Add your leopard booties for a touch of trend. Rule of thumb: Wherever you would wear a a bold shoe with your outfit, swap them out for your leopard booties.

Rachel Bilson wears her leopard pumps in a new style as well. Although many of us may be tempted to throw on our pumps with jeans and a T or with a solid color dress, take a note from Rachel Bilson for a more fashion forward look. Here she pairs her pumps with red, a traditionally leopard-friendly color. However the floral print is way nontraditional and pairing it with leopard offers the perfect contrast. Her pumps add an unexpected touch and a welcome break in an otherwise matchy outfit.

Hope all enjoyed!  I am going to go throw on my leopard booties, scarf, hat, and shaw now :)

Happy Thanksgiving.


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