Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Thanksgiving Splurge! Gotta Look Good While Stuffing My Face- might as well right?!?

Gorgeous & Fashionable!

Ciao Dolls!

I wanted to display my outfit for Thanksgiving as well!  I've been playing with different styles recently and the trend that has always been close to my heart is a cross of Boho chick and downtown girl.  I always go for classic gold hues and brown leather bags--they are my weaknesses!  Hope these ideas inspire you and encourage you to still dress up even though it's just for a turkey or tofurkey! Enjoy.

Time to pull and outfit together, go out, and have a fine glass of wine with one of my besties. 


Tucker long sleeve top
$306 -

Oasis army coat
$115 -

Rich & Skinny zipper jeans
$71 -

Jeffrey Campbell fur heels
1.695 NOK -

Jigsaw bangles jewelry
£39 -

Olive necklace


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